Question Answer
Date Time 2008-11-09 17:46:14
First Name: joseph
Last Name:
1. Did you expect at the start, the graphic look and the content, that provides? Not Sure
2. Did you expect at the beginning, the result,the graphic look, and the content that Janusz has provided you? No
3. Did you expect what your site will look like.? No
4. Did Janusz suggest, Ideas, Contents, Graphics, Forms and Methods, during the creating of the project? Yes
5. Did he listen and was open to all your needs and request.? Yes
6. Was your understanding clear to you, the way Janusz was leading this entire process? Yes
7. Did Janusz promptly get back to you when you sent an e-mail or had a question to him? Yes
8. Did Janusz give you a clear understanding and explanation on the technical needs for your site.? Yes
9. At the time of payment did Janusz give you clear itemized detail's for your payment? Yes
10. Do you think the price he charged, was worth of his work ? Yes
11. Would you describe Janusz as, Honest, Experienced, and Professional ? Yes
12. Would you recommend Janusz & to others ? Yes
Product Quality: Very Satisfied
Service Quality: Very Satisfied
Comments: Janusz.. we appreciate and value what you have done for our company you changed our whole way of doing business you opened up for us a new path. you are very creative .Joseph Gross