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Any logo and text could be added to the projects below.

When you decide to buy it, we customize it for you and mark as sold.

That means that you own the design and no one else can use it.

See details and pricing in the order form, or contact us.

These images could be used as: web page banners, backgrounds, page inserts, picture frames,

screen wallpapers, savers, tv displays. They could be a perfect gift to your church.

They are created in higher resolution, you only see about 10% of the size and quality.

Most of them are animated GIF's, so wait until they load. It depends on your current Internet connection speed to see full page.

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 Strona Swiętego Antoniego

The crying
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brother Tomasz Waksmanski

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Original 800px/250px  (Matka Boska from Clearwater - Florida)
   Animated water & John Baptist Gif # 309 Original of this animation is 800px /  250px. 2 times bigger.
cross    mini
    Evening Vision by Janusz  original size 633px/ 740px             Controversial Last Supper - Ostatnia Wieczerza
                                                                                   by Janusz Waksmanski
                                                                                      ( Click to see it bigger )
         Click it to see it bigger                                          Free to copy,  print and redistribute
# 310 Jp. 640px/200px banner

Christe come to me
Ojcze nasz,
 baź wola Twoja

This is a Flash movie
by Janusz